Whitewater, CA: Bighorn Sheep Keep Watch From Above

Posted on Mar 21, 2024 | 2 Comments

I ventured out to Whitewater Preserve this afternoon to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Glad I did as I spotted these bighorn sheep prancing about on the cliffs above the visitor center. In all the visits I’ve made to the preserve I’ve not seen any before.


The preserve apparently has a heathy population of bighorn sheep. Each of these seen here is tagged and wears a monitor around its neck.

I used a 300mm lens and a full-frame DSLR to capture these images, but still needed to crop them quite a bit to get to these compositions. I didn’t want to crop any tighter for fear the images would become too noisy and soft.


  1. Diane Didricksen Justice
    March 22, 2024

    Beautiful!! 😍