A Simple Portrait: Candidate for HOA Board

Posted on Feb 17, 2024 | No Comments

My neighbor, Don Day, is a candidate for our homeowner’s association board. Needing a decent portrait, I made this image of him recently to use during his campaign.

the image is simple. He sat on a stool just inside my garage door where he was illuminated by a large area of north sky. Shooting almost wide open with a longer than normal lens forces the viewer to connect with the subject’s eyes. Using Lightroom, I added a bit of warmth and used some filters, first to whiten his teeth and then to brighten his eyes. The key is not overdoing such adjustments.

The response has been favorable. Don reported some have commented his picture looks better than real life. Good to know, as the other candidates are using images that make them look like the subjects of silver alerts.

I wish Don all the best in his campaign and look forward to him joining our board.