Banning, CA: Back Yard Beauty

Posted on Oct 25, 2023 | No Comments

I worked in my yard yesterday, rehabbing a dry stream bed feature that had become clogged with weeds and invasive vines. I looked out this morning to see it was drizzling. So much for doing any additional work today in the yard. I grabbed a Nikon full-frame DSLR and a 105mm macro lens to make a few pictures of raindrops clinging to this rose and other shrubbery in the back yard.

BANNING, Calif (Oct 25, 2023) Raindrops cling to a rose and and other shrubbery in back yard following morning drizzle. (Photo: © 2023 Greg Vojtko All Rights Reserved)

BANNING, Calif (Oct 25, 2023) Morning drizzle drips from shrubbery in back yard at Sun Lakes Country Club. (Photo: © 2023 Greg Vojtko All Rights Reserved)

After a relatively mild summer, with lots of salad days, I welcome the return of soup weather. Let’s hope we get lots of rain this year, we can always use the water.