From The Archives: Cooling Off With An Epic Squirt Gun Battle

Posted on Jul 27, 2019 | No Comments

Jonathan, left, and neighbor Corey cool off with a squirt gun fight during a spell of hot weather. (© 2005 Greg Vojtko/All Rights Reserved)

It’s been hot this week in the IE, so I’ve spent much of my time indoors sorting and cataloging files on an old hard drive. I stumbled on this photo, from 2005 if the clock in my camera was set correctly, which seems to fit the weather we’re currently experiencing.

As a former newspaper photojournalist, I recall spending an inordinate amount of time and driving an incredible number of miles in search of weather art, something that summed any given day’s climatic conditions perfectly. I loved competing against colleagues to find the best weather picture any day we had time.

I recall leaving home late one day and catching sight in the rear-view mirror of Jonathan and his friend Corey engaged in a squirt gun battle with two of the biggest Super Soakers I’d ever seen. I locked up the brakes and grabbed a camera from the trunk to catch these two at play.

Sometimes the investment of hours and miles would reward us with something right in front of our house!