Redlands, CA: Memories Of Palms and Groves Live On In Artist’s Work

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REDLANDS, Calif (Jan 25, 2005) Redlands artist Janet Edwards is seen here with palm trees in northwest corner of the city. The rows of palms delineating citrus groves have long been a popular subject for area artists and photographers, but commercial development in the area brings their future into question. (Greg Vojtko/The Press-Enterprise)

While visiting a friend earlier this week I recognized an etching on her wall. The work, a small piece by Redlands artist Janet Edwards, depicted rows of palms over a citrus grove on the northern edge of the city. It reminded me of this environmental portrait, made of Edwards in 2005.

I recall meeting Edwards early one morning after scouting this particular location for a portrait. She followed me back to this spot, and as she exited her car, the color and expression drained from her face. The area was already being cleared to make way for warehouses.

I’ll never forget her remark: “Well, I knew it would happen someday.”

Though there remain few groves on the north side of the city, the scene, visible to motorists traveling between Los Angeles and Palm Springs through Redlands over the years, lives on through Edward’s work.

The nuts and bolts: I used a Nikon D2H APS-C sensor camera, a Nikon DX 17-55mm f2.8 zoom and a Norman 200B with a Photoflex 45″ umbrella at camera left to make this picture.

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