SCE’s Mountainview Generating Station: Steam Rises On A Cold Morning

while most everyone else was warm in bed, I was out on the side of the road, my camera on a tripod, making this picture. It’s a subject I’e shot before, but one I opted to revisit and shoot looser in order for the image to fit better within the home page layout of my […]

Forest Falls, CA: The Sound Of Mountain Water

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I made my annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Big Falls this morning and managed to make a nice picture for my trouble. Every year, I am reminded of a line from Wallace Stegner’s The Sound of Mountain Water: “Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed … […]

San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm: Better By Dawn Light

Having seen a couple nice sunrises the last few days while driving to work I decided to get up early and see if we would get lucky with another nice sunrise this morning. I opted to visit an area I had been to in the past, San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm, at other times of the […]

International Year of Light: Photo Selected To Head Chapter On Lasers

Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers, (SPIE) used my picture, an environmental portrait of NSWC Corona engineer Dan King made a couple years ago, to head the chapter on lasers in their International Year of Light 2015 annual. I could not have made this pictures without King’s assistance and patience. It required a time exposure as […]

Colorful Sunset: An Infinite Palette

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I caught this rich sunset as I headed out to run some errands this evening. A prelude to tomorrow night’s firework shows!