Wonder Valley, CA: Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat….

Mailboxes along rural and isolated byways have always been a popular subject for me. In some areas the U.S. Mail may still be the best connection to the outside world. A row of mailboxes near the San Diego County community of Ramona earned an honorable mention and a cash prize some years ago from Popular Photography. […]

Santa Monica, CA: The Weird & The Wonderful

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With the wind howling here in the IE, yesterday we took a day trip to Santa Monica. It seemed a good idea to go somewhere else for the day. I spotted this guy with his orange iguana, perched on his shoulder like a house pet, at the informal petting zoo of exotic creatures assembled at the […]

Riverside, CA: Mission Inn Light Show Draws Thousands To Riverside

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Seeing the Mission Inn’s Festival of Lights display this time of year always puts me in a festive mood. I was overwhelmed by the turnout last night on Main Street; families, couples, carolers, ice skaters and more, all enjoying the light display. To think the Mission Inn site was once slated to become a parking […]

Route 66: Stopping By The Bottle Tree Ranch in Helendale, Calif.

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I made a short trip this afternoon to the famed Bottle Tree Ranch in Helendale, Calif., one of any number of Route 66 roadside attractions that dot the Mojave Desert landscape. Elmer Long, age 68, began creating the numerous metal and glass sculptures that dot his property shortly before he retired from the nearby Riverside […]

Rendezvous Back to Route 66: Car Culture Lives On in San Bernardino

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Car shows are all about walking, looking at, into and under the hoods of cars, admiring all the hard work automotive aficionados have put into their vehicles on display. It’s a good challenge to find telling pictures among all the chrome, color and other distractions. Today I visited the Rendezvous Back to Route 66 car show held at […]

Travel Light: Nat Geo Lists Top 10 Compact Cameras

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Nothing makes travel more unpleasant than carrying too much stuff, and that really applies to camera equipment. Too many of my vacations have turned into freight-handling exercises simply because I carried too much or the wrong type of camera gear. Editors at National Geographic have compiled a list of their top 10 picks for travel cameras. […]