Shooting Too Much? Slow Down & Shoot Some Film

A long-time friend returned recently from a extended adventure in Asia. In recounting his journey, I was stuck that his thoughts weren’t about what he saw and experienced, but of the nearly 10,000 exposures he made with his DSLR, and to say he put it away and shot with just his iPhone on the last few days […]

Boudoir Photography: Stepping Outside Comfort Zone

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Generally I’m quite comfortable photographing events as they happen, without directing or controlling anything.  The best pictures from events, as well as a true and accurate representation of the event itself, result from my usual documentary style of photography. Recently I stepped outside my comfort zone to attend an boudoir photography event sponsored by a Meetup […]

PhotoBiz 101: Free Isn’t Sustainable

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I read a recent post by an aspiring young photographer who, finding herself in a professional trough, has been hoping for more opportunities to use her photography to help others, as she put it, to make more of a difference: “…in the past few weeks, i have had 4 requests for my photographic abilities…all sans payment […]

Las Vegas, NV: Drama On The Strip

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Spent a few days earlier this week visiting Las Vegas, hiking in Red Rock Canyon, catching up with a high school buddy, enjoying the cheap buffets, the wave pool at Mandalay Bay and working on my tan under the neon glow of the Las Vegas Strip. Whenever I visit “Sin City” I enjoy people-watching on The […]

After Cap And Gown Day: What Comes Next?

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Recently I photographed commencement exercises at Claremont Graduate University, where some 375 Master’s and Doctoral candidates received their sheepskins, recognizing the completion of this chapter of their formal education. College staff congratulated students they’d nurtured through the years and honorary degrees where handed out to those who had accomplished great things, including ESRI’s Jack Dangermond, bottom […]

Yucaipa Music & Arts Festival: Something For Everyone

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City of Yucaipa and its Chamber of Commerce kicked off their annual Music and Arts Festival this weekend in the recently-renovated historic uptown area. Music included a group of folkorico performers led by Diana Escarcega of Redlands, above. The 80s band Berlin, responsible for the hit single “Take My Breath Away,” remembered by so many […]