Redlands, CA: Mary Poppins Trumps Weekly Market Night

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I ventured into Redlands Thursday for Market Night. I wanted to continue to road test a new lens I picked up recently. With the opening of Mary Poppins at the Nearby Redlands Bowl, the weekly event was cancelled. I found this couple, enjoying their cocktails on the porch at The State, a relatively new restaurant. […]

Think Tank Photo: New Trifecta Backpacks Announced

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Our friends at Think Tank Photo have just released two new backpacks designed to allow you three different ways to get at your three “workhorse” lenses.  The Trifecta 10 is designed for DSLR systems, and the Trifecta 8 is designed for mirrorless systems. These innovative backpacks sling for side access from both the left and […]

Using Speedlights: Simulated Sunlight

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I’d been watching the reflection of late afternoon sunlight on my kitchen cabinets the last few evenings and deciding to try a lighting scheme I’d learned last year during David Tejada’s “Small Strobes Big Results” workshop in Santa Fe for simulating sunlight steaming through a window. I placed one Nikon speedlight with a full CTO gel on […]

World Press Photo: Recent Controversy Sparks Photojournalism Ethics Debate

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The recent World Press Photo controversy, in which judges awarded first prize in Contemporary Issues to italian photographer Giovanni Triolo for a portfolio of work that perhaps would have been more accurately classified as illustration, at first standing by their decision, then later revoking the award when it was discovered details about the work were misrepresented, […]

Think Tank Photo: Free 15″ Laptop Case With Roller Purchase

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Our friends at Think Tank Photo have announced a special offer that runs through March 31, 2015. Purchase any new rolling camera bag directly from Think Tank Photo, mail in the rebate form downloadable from their website, and they will send you a 15″ laptop case for free!  Think Tank’s rolling camera bags are renowned for being designed […]

San Bernardino Bankruptcy: “The Status Quo Is Not Sustainable”

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I heard San Bernardino Mayor R. Carey Davis deliver his first State of the City Address at San Bernardino International Airport Friday evening. “The status quo is not sustainable,” said Davis as he outlined plans for the city to exit bankruptcy. Davis highlighted the city’s successes in the areas of education and business growth as […]