NOS Beer Fest: Suds & Songs On A Hot Afternoon

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The National Orange Show in San Bernardino hosted their first annual Beer Fest and Homebrew Competition yesterday. Some 20 microbreweries, from all over Southern California, gathered to share their concoctions with beer aficionados.  Attendees gathered in the shade of the eucalyptus trees near the lagoon and enjoyed music by EMI recording artist Kelleigh Bannen, (pictured), […]

Fourth of July: Bombs Bursting In Air

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The City of Highland marked the 4th of July this year with its very own, first-ever fireworks display, launching an incredible show by Pyro Spectaculars of Rialto from the grounds of Immanuel Baptist Church, just south of Base Line, in the eastern end of the community. Earlier I scouted a location from which I would be able […]

Environmental Portrait: Creating A Business-like Image

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I appreciate when businesspeople go to the trouble to have a professionally-produced headshot or business portrait created of themselves. Recently, a former colleague reached out via LinkedIn as she set about organizing a new enterprise and we arranged to make a portrait of her to use in promoting her new business. Not having a proper business location to use as an environment for her portrait proved only a minimal challenge. After […]

Environmental Portrait: A “Shot in the Dark”

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An environmental portrait is one typically created in a subject’s usual environment, such as their home or workplace, with the idea of conveying something unique about their personality or character. A couple of weeks ago I spotted this beautiful mural on a wall in San Bernardino and decided immediately I wanted to do a portrait […]

Santa Fe, NM: Eat, Drink & Sleep Photography

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I will be spending the next week in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to attend a small strobe lighting class, “Small Strobes, Big Results,” at the Santa Fe Photography Workshops. Lawyers and other professionals are required to complete continuing education to keep their licenses. Photographers, though unlicensed to ply their trade, should do the same to learn new skills and polish old ones. […]

Los Angeles, CA: The Power Of National Geographic Photography

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The line was long outside The Annenberg Space For Photography, where the exhibit, “The Power of Photography: 125 Years of National Geographic,” was on display. Editors no doubt struggled to cull 125 years of work to only  a few hundred images, but in the end, they printed many on a kind of wallpaper and laminated […]